Forest Junction Farm Equipment Consignment Auction

Forest Junction Farm Equipment Consignment Auction

Date & Time

Saturday, Dec. 14th @ 9:30 am


CA, Tesch Equipment W2374 Hwy 10 Brillion, WI
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2019 Forest Junction Year End Consignment Auction

Saturday December 14, 2019 beginning at 9:30 AM

Sale to be held at CA Tesch Equipment, LLC

W2374 US Hwy 10, Brillion, WI 54110

Sale will consist of a mixture of collector/vintage tractors and farm equipment. The auction will include a local estate collection, several private collections, farmer retirements, lender items, and individual consignments. Inspections or inquiries welcome during business hours 8AM-5-PM M-F and weekends by appt. Phone (920) 989-4000 for assistance. We are expecting more consignments by sale day!

Online Bidding Available at

Agco Challenger MT765B track machine, 5645 hrs, 3pt w/QH, large 1000 pto, (4) hyds, front weights, buddy seat;

Rogator 664 60’ self propelled sprayer, Cummins diesel, 5649 hrs, poly tank, Raven SCS 460 controller, 380/90/R46 rubber w/fenders;

Gehl 6635 SXT Series II, SN 600106, (2) speed, Deutz oil cooled turbo, full cab w/heat & radio, 74” mat bucket, universal QA, “Local Well Maintained Unit”;

Dresser 530 (4) wheel endloader, IH DT (6) cyl engine, 20.5×25 rubber, (2) yard bucket;

Edge Mod SS72 6’ skidsteer QA sand/bedding shooter;

JD 3155 MFWD w/JD 265 QA loader, SN 700120, 7200 hrs, CAH, 18.4×38 & 13.6×28, hi-lo, ind loader joystick controls, DH;

CIH 685 diesel utility w/CIH 2250 QA loader, 4457 hrs, reverser, ind loader joystick controls, 16.9×30, single hyd; Leyland 384 diesel utility w/3pt, PS, 18.4×30;

JD 9650 STS rotary, SN 695818, 3100 sep/4100 eng hrs, 800/70/R38 singles, fac RWA w/480/70/R30’s, chopper, Maurer bin extension, Hill Co lateral tilt, Greenstar, “Clean!”;

JD 693 6RNarrow cornhead w/hyd deckplates; Industrias America 430 30’ head cart w/front dolly wheel, torsion axle w/brakes, lights; Industrias America 2030 20’ (4) wheel head cart;

Timpte 42’ hopper bottom trailer, roll tarp, spring suspension, 11Rx22.5;

Transcraft 44’ (45) ton Mod TL90K-44 flatbed trailer, air ride suspension, 285/75/R24.5 rubber, “Good Condition”;

Feterl 10”x61’ grain auger w/swing out hopper, pto drive, hyd lift; Gleaner LM 15’ rigid head w/plastic teeth.

JD 8430 4WD w/18.4×34 &direct axle duals, 3pt, pto, DH, SN 1628;

CIH 685 diesel utility w/CIH 2250 QA loader, 4457 hrs, reverser, ind loader joystick controls, 16.9×30, single hyd; Leyland 384 diesel utility w/3pt, PS, 18.4×30;

JD 48 hyd loader/JD row crop mounts;

Patz V420LP vertical TMR, RH discharge conveyor, 540 rpm, digi-star EZ 200 scales, (4) wheel transport w/12.5×16;

Great Plains Solid Stand 30 30’ folding no-till drill, 10” spacing, grass seed, rear press wheels & seed locks, new seed disks & coulter blades;

DMI 2500 (4) shank 3pt deeptill unit, rear leveling disks, coverboards, gauge wheels, “Sharp!”;

EZ Trail 3400 gravity box w/EZ Trail 1384B (13) ton gear, 425/65/R22.5 truck tires, lights;

CIH 900 6RN cyclo cornplanter, dry fert w/crossfill auger, monitor;

Wilrich 3400 27’ FC, stretch frame, (5) bar spike flex harrow, walking tandems base & wings;

DMI 27.5’ hyd fold crumbler;

Calumet 4500 gallon manure tanker, 22.5 truck tires, hyd drive;

JD 27 15’ 6RN stalk shredder, (4) wheel transport, cylinder;

(2) Gruett 690 16’ RH unload SU wagons w/Gehl (12) ton tandem gears, variable speed unload, 12.5×15 imp;

IH 470 16’ manifold wing disk;

H&S 20’ multipurpose feeder wagon w/front dolly wheel;

Art’s Way 425 grinder mixer;

Demco 350 gravity box w/Demco (12) ton single axle gear, 12.5×16 imp;

EZ Trail 300 gravity box w/EZ Trail 1084 (10) ton gear, 12.5×15 imp, lights;

Rex 16’ RH unload SU wagon w/Kasten (12) ton single axle gear; (2) J&M 250 gravity boxes w/Knowles (12) ton single axle & Huebner (8) ton gears;

JD 38 forage chopper w/hayhead & (1) row cornhead, 1000rpm; JD 275 7’ 3pt snowblower, (2) stage, dual auger, 1000 rpm; H&S 20’ combo front/rear unload SU, Super 7+4 unload, open top/cutoff side, Gehl (12) ton single axle gear, 14Lx16.1 floats, elec drive; JD 3970 forage chopper w/7’ hayhead, hyd swing pole; JD 2RNarrow “green” cornhead, lo-profile, “sells separately”; Gehl 99 forage blower, NI 7’ 3pt snowblower, (2) stage; Bush Hog 6’ 3pt rotary mower; 200bu gravity box w/JD 1065 gear, 11Lx15 imp; Case 224 lawn tractor w/front mount snowblower, canvas cab, rear weights and chains, “Collector Quality”; JD 910F front mount lawn tractor w/JD front mount snowblower & mower deck attachments, 1974 hrs, Onan gas engine; IH Cub Cadet 282 lawn tractor; JD 445 all wheel steer lawn tractor, 3pt hitch, pto, “Parts Unit”; JD 246 front mount boom attachment, hyd angle; JD 30 hyd ejector, complete; 18.4×38 tire chains; MF & Leyland tractor fenders, 14.9×24 ind tires/rims and a few other misc items.

A Local Estate of Collector Tractors and Implements from Appleton, WI: NOTE: Many of these tractors have been restored over the years or in excellent original condition. ’67 MF 1130 “open station fender”, SN 13064, new 18.4×38 radials w/matching new rubber on clamp on duals, 11.00×16 (4) ribs, (8) front suitcase weights, dual hyds, deluxe air cleaner, “Complete Professional Restoration, Must See!”; ’65 International Cub-Lo boy, SN 2277, new 8.3×24, “Beautiful Restoration!”; Farmall 350 gas row crop, 14.9×38, 2pt,  single hyd, fenders; ’54 McCormick Super W6TA, SN 12758, 16.6×30, new 7.50×18 fronts; ’53 Farmall Super H, SN 8105, 12.4×38, fenders, belly hyds, belt pulley; ’53 Farmall Super C, SN 174431, 2pt, exc 11.2×36, rear weights; ’59 JD 830 pony start diesel, SN 8304801, Firestone 18.4×34 F&R, 7.50×18, dual hyds, rear weights; ’60 JD 730 pony start diesel, SN 7327855, row crop w/PS & rollamatic NF, Firestone 15.5×38 F&R, 3pt, single hyd, flat top fenders, tall air stack; ’59 JD 730 gas, SN 7309999, row crop w/PS & rollamatic NF, 3pt, single hyd, 15.5×38, tall air stack; ’58 JD 630 gas, SN 6301840, row crop w/PS & rollamatic NF, 13.6×38, 3pt, single hyd, tall air stack; ’58 JD 430T, SN 141942, 13.6×28 on adj spin outs, 3pt; ’60 JD 730 fac LP, SN 7322875, row crop w/ fac WF & PS, 15.5×38, 3pt, single hyd, flat top fenders, rear weights, tall air stack; ’58 JD 720 gas, SN 7222829, row crop w/ fac WF & PS, 15.5×38, fac 3pt, single hyd, fenders; ’58 JD 720 LP, SN 7224168, row crop w/fac WF & PS, Firestone 15.5×38 F&R, fac 3pt, single hyd, fenders, tall air stack; ’58 JD 720 pony start diesel, SN 7222796, row crop w/rollamatic NF & PS, 15.5×38, fac 3pt, dual hyds, fenders; ’56 JD 620 row crop, SN 6202214, fac WF & PS, fac 3pt, new 13.6×38 Alliances, single hyd, fenders; ’56 JD 520, SN 5202582 rollamatic NF w/PS, 12.4×38 GY, single hyd, fenders; ’58 JD 420W “slant steer”, SN 128976, new 13.6×28 Continentals, 3pt, rear hyd remote; ’56 JD 80 pony start diesel, SN 8001844, 16.9×34, pto, single hyd, hyd cylinder w/hanger; ’55 JD 60 w/JD 227 mounted cornpicker, SN 6057363, 13.6×38, PS; ’54 JD 60 lo seat standard, SN 6027131, 16.9×30, pto, single hyd; ’52 JD 60 row crop, SN 6004119, rollamatic NF, 13.6×38, fenders, single hyd; ’52 JD R pony start diesel, SN 12365, 16.9×34, pto, single hyd, hyd cylinder w/hanger; JD M, SN 38274, 11.2×24, touchamatic hyds; ’49 JD MT, SN 15311, new Titan 11.2×34, powertrol rear hyds, ’42 JD H, SN 42809, man start, 9.5×32, fenders; ’49 JD styled B, SN 257958, elec start, 12.4×38, pto, single hyd, lights, rollamatic NF; ’44 JD styled B, SN 172024, man start, new 11.2×38 GY, fenders, pto; ’41 JD styled B, SN 112476, man start, new Firestone 11.2×38, pto, rear hyds; ’41 JD styled B, SN 113144, man start, new Armstrong 11.2×38, pto; ’36 JD unstyled B, SN 14611, new Armstrong 11.2×38, pto; ’37 JD A unstyled, SN 443230, 11-38 on rear flats, fenders, pto; ’56 JD 820 diesel pony start, SN 8200395, pto, 18.4×34, single hyd, rear weights, engine disassembled; ’37 JD A unstyled, SN 447349, 12.4×36 rear round spokes. pto, non-runner; ’36 JD A unstyled, SN 433795, 11.2×36 rear round spokes, pto, fenders, rear weights, non-runner; MM U standard, 14-30 rears, pto, non-runner; OMC 8’ self propelled swatter, canvas platform, WI engine, “Rare!”; JD F145 3×16” semi mount plow, coulters, hyd cylinder, “Mint Original Condition!”; JD F125 3×16” 3pt fully mounted, slat bottoms, coulters, Noble coil tine leveler attach; JD F125 3×16” 3pt fully mounted plow, coulters; JD 45 3×14” 3pt fully mounted plow, coulters; JD 5×14” trailer plow, sandblasted and primed; JD 145 4×16” semi-mount plow, cylinder; JD 1350/1450 5×18” semi-mount plow, spring coulters; JD 3×16” plow frame; JD 1x trailer plow, steel wheels, clutch lift; JD H series 47 ground driven manure spreader, AC 2R snap coupler cornplanter, dry fert attach, Noble insect, “Near New Condition, WOW!”; AC 2×14” snap coupler plow, coulters; AC 7’ snap coupler cultivator; JD No3 3pt post hole digger; IH 6’ 2pt fasthitch blade; IH U-F28 2pt fasthitch sickle mower; IH 2pt fasthitch cult; Russell Jr antique road grader, (4) steel wheels, “Loose”; (2) McCormick Deering potato planters; McCormick Deering corn binder, “Original”; Eagle 75 silo filler; Red Seal power unit w/Rockford pto clutch; barn cupola; JD 953 running gear w/flatrack; JD 12’ pull springtooth; JD 4R front mount corn cultivator; Ford Dearborn 3pt cultivator; JD 400 15’ 3pt rotary hoe; Deutz Allis 9’ discbine w/conditioning rolls, hyd swing pole, 540 rpm.

Oliver Tractor Collection from Kewaunee, WI:  NOTE: All units are older restorations. ’57 Oliver Super 44, SN 1050, new Galaxy 11.2×24, complete 3pt; ’55 Oliver Super 55 gas, SN 24259, new Firestone 14.926 F&R, 3pt, swinging drawbar; ’52 Oliver 66 gas row crop w/NF, SN 430288, 10×38, mech lift, belt pulley; ’50 Oliver 77 gas row crop w/NF, SN 335369, 15.5×38, belt pulley; ’53 Oliver 88 diesel row crop w/NF, SN 3503141, 14.9×38, hyds, belt pulley, deluxe air cleaner.

(2) Special International Tractors for the Red Lovers:  ’76 IH 966 blackstripe w/Elmwood MFWD, SN 33059, open station fender w/ROPS and canopy, 18.4×38 & 12.4×24 Firestones, diff lock, (10) front suitcase weights, dual hyds, dual pto, deluxe entrance steps, Complete Professional Restoration (4) years ago including Custom Chrome Detailing, “One of a Kind!”; ’77 IH 4186 4WD w/3063 actual (1) owner hours, SN 19021, 3pt, pto, DH, 28Lx26, “Fresh off the Farm!”

Retired Farmer from Algoma, WI:  ’66 IH 806 diesel row crop, SN 36808, (1) owner purchased new, 18.4×38 BFG, 10.00×16 tri ribs, 2pt fasthitch, fenders, dual hyds, dual speed pto, “Original!”; 18.4×38 direct axle duals w/(9) bolt hubs and front weights sell separately; Patz 9427 stationary bedding chopper, elec motor, fire extinguisher, discharge hose, “Like New!”; Real-Tuff 10’x12’ portable corral pen w/squeeze gate & locking head chute, “Excellent!”; Norse Mod 366 3pt pto driven cable winch, “Hard to Find!”; Gehl 1540 forage blower; 20’ (4) section spike drag harrow on cart.

Demark, WI Area Farmer Retirement Partial Line:  ’57 Farmall 450 gas row crop, SN 17584, Schwartz WF w/fac power steering, 2pt fasthitch, Firestone 15.5×38 F&R, fenders, (3) spool hyds; ’53 Farmall Super H, SN 6115, 12.4×38, fenders, belly hyds w/rear hyd remote; IH 430 chute bale, “Always Shedded!”; MillerPro 2150 16’ RH unload SU wagon w/JD 1065A gear; Rex 16’ RH unload SU w/NH gear, steel sides; IH 56 forage blower; JD Van Brunt FB 9’ 15×7” double disk grain drill, grass, mech lift; Vicon (2) wheel front mount hay rake; Huebner SU wagon w/Huebner (8) ton gear.

Additional Collector and Vintage Tractor Consignments:  ’71 JD 4020 Wheatland side console diesel, SN 252829, synchro, 23.1×30, dual hyds, Rare 3pt option, wide fenders w/dust enclosures, “Very Rare!”; ’62 JD 3010 diesel row crop, SN 25949, Cummins (4) cyl 239 turbo repowered unit, ROPS, fac WF, 3pt, DH, 15.5×38 BKT, tall air stack, “Runs so Sweet!”; ’68 Case 930 diesel comfort king, SN 83333, fender, 18.4×34 Firestone F&R, 3pt, DH; ’54 Case 500 diesel standard, SN  8038353, pto, hyds, new 18.4×30 Agri-Master rears; ’64 Case 440 lo-profile utility, SN 8238555, 3pt Eagle hitch, rear hyd, 1.2×24, rear weights; ’53 Farmall Super H, SN 2288, 13.6×38, fenders, belly hyds; ’52 Farmall Super M, SN 1160, M&W clutch, 13.6×38, fenders, belly hyds w/rear remote; ’54 Oliver OC 6 diesel crawler, SN 4500562, fac dual hyds, pto, rear drawbar; ’53 Farmall Super C w/fac loader, SN 162330, 11.2×36, fenders, rear weights; ’57 JD 720 diesel pony start w/JD 45 loader, SN 7212965, row crop w/ NF & PS, 15.5×38, “Runs but Rough Condition”; ’48 Farmall H, SN 281213, 14.9×38, belly hyds, complete non-runner; ’76 MF 1155 w/Perkins V8, SN 60313, factory cab, 3pt, 18.4×38, burnt engine compartment, “Salvage/Project Unit”; MH 44 diesel, NF w/Charlyn PS, rear adj spin out rims, “Salvage”; AC WC, “parts”; (2) Ford 309 2R 3pt cornplanters, dry fert, “Hard to Find”; Antique McCormick Deering corn binder.

Terms:  Cash or good check.  Credit card w/ 3% fee. Checks will be accepted when presented with a valid drivers license or state issued ID. Not responsible for accidents. All items sell as is, where is. Any announcements sale day take precedence over printed material.

Sale Arranged and Conducted By:

Wilkinson Auction & Realty Co., LLC, WRA #510 and Forest Junction Consignment Auction

Chuck Tesch, Brillion, WI ph (920) 989-4000, WI Reg Auctioneer #494

Perry Wilkinson, Muscoda, WI, ph (608) 739-4404, WI Reg Auctioneer #31

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